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The CTCA is founded and maintained by the following official member associations and the appointed single persons listed below. 

The English version was taken from the publication in the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine Journal 2019;16(1):23-28

The Center for Safety of Chinese Herbal Therapy (in German: Centrum für Therapiesicherheit in der Chinesischen Arzneitherapie, CTCA) was founded in 2004 by five German TCM societies which are involved in Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM), the German working group of TCM pharmacies and some qualified TCM experts. In 2015, we decided to extend our range from Germany to the other German speaking countries. In the same year one Austrian and one Swiss society joined the CTCA, the following year a further Swiss society, and in 2018 a further Austrian society affiliated with the CTCA. We are now an umbrella organisation of eight TCM societies, one German working group of TCM pharmacies and several single persons.

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